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King Arthur’s Children:
A Study in Fiction and Tradition

Did you know King Arthur had many other children besides Mordred? Depending on which version of the legend you read, he had both sons and daughters, some of whom even survived him. From the ancient tale of Gwydre, the son who was gored to death by a boar, to Scottish traditions of Mordred as a beloved king, Tyler R. Tichelaar has studied all the references to King Arthur’s children to show how they shed light upon a legend that has intrigued us for fifteen centuries.

King Arthur’s Children: A Study in Fiction and Tradition is the first full-length analysis of every known treatment of King Arthur’s children, from Welsh legends and French romances, to Scottish genealogies and modern novels by such authors as Parke Godwin, Stephen Lawhead, Debra Kemp, and Elizabeth Wein. King Arthur’s Children explores an often overlooked theme in Arthurian literature and reveals King Arthur’s bloodline may still exist today.

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Praise for King Arthur's Children

Overall...an excellent book and essential reading for those who would like to study the subject more deeply.

— Dane Pestano, author of King Arthur in Pseudo-Historical Irish Tradition

Tyler R. Tichelaar’s in-depth knowledge of the King Arthur legend throughout centuries of literature validates his extensive analysis into the continuing controversy surrounding the feasibility of there being children and descendants of King Arthur. He further affirms the significance the legend holds for people today.

— Cheryl Carpinello, author of Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend

Tichelaar has made a solid and scholarly effort to untangle the many threads in Arthur’s tapestry so that readers can come to their own conclusions and perhaps create further tales that enrich the Arthurian legend.

— Madeleine Usher, The World of Myth

While this is certainly a scholarly study, the author’s writing style remains accessible to any reader who is curious about the subject of Arthur’s potential children.... I have thoroughly enjoyed King Arthur’s Children: A Study in Fiction and Tradition, and I recommend it highly to any lover of Arthuriana.

— Olivera Baumgarten-Gardner, Reader Views

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