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Children of Arthur

A Home for All King Arthur’s Descendants in Blood & in Spirit

ChildrenofArthur.com is devoted to all aspects of the Arthurian legend, in history, fiction, and popular culture.

Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. an award-winning author, is your guide through the Arthurian maze of myth and magic. Fascinated from an early age with the Arthurian legend--its idealism, sadness, romance, and hope for the future--Tyler was inspired to write King Arthur's Legacy, a forthcoming Arthurian novel, which resulted in extensive research into all things Arthurian and culminated in his new scholarly work King Arthur's Children.

King Arthur's Children: A Study in Fiction and Tradition, by Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D

In studying the Arthurian legend, Tyler was stunned to discover many alternate versions that are today nearly forgotten and normally overlooked by popular retellings, including the possibility that King Arthur had children and that his descendants live among us to this day.

Whether one believes in the historical Arthur, or simply loves the stories told of the Once and Future King, King Arthur's story continues to inspire, and all those who believe in the ideals of Camelot can claim to be Arthur's true descendants in spirit if not blood.

As novelist Vera Chapman stated in King Arthur's Daughter:

"Names and titles shall be lost, but the story and the spirit of Arthur shall not be lost. For Arthur is a land and Arthur is the land of Britain….you shall be Arthur’s Adam and Eve. So shall Arthur conquer, not by one war, nor by one kingship, that soon passes away, but by the carriers of the spirit that does not die."

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Coming Summer 2014

Arthur’s Legacy - The Children of Arthur: Book One

Arthur’s Legacy - The Children of Arthur: Book OneHe felt suddenly as if a siren’s song were calling to him from across the sea, from an enchanted land, an island kingdom named England. He had always pictured England as a magical fairy tale realm, ever since his childhood when he had first read the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Magic existed in the thought of England's green hills, in the names of Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and the Tower of London. It was one of the few lands still ruled by a monarch, perhaps a land where fairy tales might still come true. Maybe even a place where he might at last find a father.

All his life, Adam Morgan has sought his true identity and the father he never knew. When multiple coincidences lead him to England, he will not only find his father, but mutual love with a woman he can never have, and a family legacy he never imagined possible. Among England’s green hills and crumbling castles, Adam’s intuition awakens, and when a mysterious stranger appears with a tale of Britain’s past, Adam discovers forces are at work to bring about the return of a king.

“So much is asked of saviors that we can forget the beating heart behind the legends. Tyler Tichelaar understands the contradiction between our expectation of heroes and their lonely destiny. In exploring the Arthurian legend, he shows himself once more the master of the complexities of the human heart.”

— Diana M. Deluca, Ph.D., author of Extraordinary Things

Be sure to visit ChildrenofArthur.com often for new information. May your time spent here inspire you anew to tell the story and live the ideals of Camelot!

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